The event includes a series of keynote speeches of a high technological level, which allows for the analysis of the technology related to the application of powder coatings:

  • La innovación de los recubrimientos en polvo y sistemas de aplicación y curado. POLVERI
  • La innovación tecnológica de productos, sistemas y procesos de pintura industrial. ECOCOATING

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Advantages of exhibiting

POLVERI & ECOCOATING 2019 combines an interesting programme of keynote speeches and a trade show, thus becoming a specialised meeting point and commercial exchange venue for suppliers of machinery, equipment, consumables and services of the powder coating and surface coating application sector. A comfortable and cost-effective trade show in which you will have the chance to contact the purchaser.

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Within Subcontratación framework

Polveri & Ecocoating will be held within the framework of Subcontratación 2019, the international fair of manufacturing processes and equipment. A space in which suppliers of processes, machinery and equipment offer a wide and full view of manufacturing, from the most basic processes in industrial subcontracting to cutting edge technologies, full manufacturing processes as well as equipment and supplies for casting, forging, rolling, treatments, welding, handling, etc.

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