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1.     Detection and monitorization; mathematical developments, algorithms, methodology behind the sensoring system.

2.     Ultraportable monitoring system. Smartphone for monitoring changes of coloration in surfaces, in skin, in food. Smartphone for monitoring wear, oxidation, droplet formation, particle formation or any change of coloration in any surface; industrial manufacturing processes, cosmetics (skin imperfection) or skin cancer detection, food degradation.

3.     Corrosion protective coating. Highly effective corrosion protection coating. Highly innovative coating technology for the protection of a small surface (flat or irregular) against corrosive environments. 

4.     Optimization of machined-surfaces properties. Technology to strengthen mechanical properties and shield polymers to avoid degradation. Technology that allows to strengthen mechanical properties of Kevlar and at the same time shields it from degradation induced by sunlight, which typically degrades this class of polymers over time.

5.     Alternative to plastics. Fibrillar structures production from protein, egg albumen, collagen and casein; applications on food and textile industry. Fibers production out of natural biocompatible products applied in textile industry can be a revolutionary step onto new biodegradable materials with naturally anti-bacterial properties, dermatologically adapted properties (directed to patients with atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis) , low density and flame retardant properties among others. Food industry can instead benefit from an active packaging to encapsulate, protect and deliver bioactive components or, food texture and appearance customization.

6.     Optimization of machined-surfaces properties. Applied to metals when cutting for processing. Optimization of the cutting method, conditions or materials in each machining process.

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